Tips To Create The Perfect Home Office

With COVID-19 restrictions being brought back around Sydney, working from home has become the new normality. Our lives are now being centred around activities within our house making it essential to establish a clear boundary of work/life balance. How you can do this is by creating a home office space that is designed for both productivity and functionality. 

When choosing where to set up your office space, whether that be in a room or in a quiet corner of the house, it is important to choose a space that works best for you.  Take into consideration what environment you are most productive in. This may be gauging the level of noise, whether that be an area away from the kids or one that isn’t near the TV, if you work better in a quiet space. The positioning of your desk, perhaps having it facing a blank wall to avoid visual distraction, it is important to find an area that works best for you.

Once having established an area it is important to assess the amount of lighting in the room, both natural and artificial. Poor levels of lighting can contribute to headaches, straining of your eyes, lowering of mood and decreased productivity. If the area you have chosen has low levels of natural lighting no need to stress, this can easily be changed by adding either a desk lamp or a stand alone lamp, preferably with a lampshade so that light is evenly projected around the room to avoid glares.

Investing in a quality chair may seem as something that can be overlooked, however it is a seat where you’ll be spending a large portion of your day. Whilst choosing a chair it is important to keep in mind both style and practicality, a chair that has quality support reduces stress and tension throughout your back, providing a serious level of comfort to sustain concentration for a longer period of time.

A way in which you can increase the functionality of your home office is by installing storage space around your desk area. By making your area more functional, it allows you to free up areas of clutter in your home. Shelves not only provide opportunities for storage but also a space to display pictures, ornaments, books that would usually be hidden in drawers or cramped on your desk. They are not only visually appealing, but are perfect in utilizing previously unused space. From a design perspective, what more could you want!