Moss Akbarian

Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Moss

Moss Akbarian is the Licensee in Charge of Asset Realty St Ives. An esteemed business leader with uncompromising standards and exceptional industry experience, Moss is a highly respected licensed agent and prominent figure in the St Ives community. An intelligent, dynamic and an astute strategist, Moss is focussed on utilising his valuable knowledge to give his clients a competitive advantage. Consistently displaying thorough market insights and formidable negotiating skills, Moss develops sustainable relationships with buyers, which has led to record-breaking results in all price ranges as well as a string of referral business. Exuding a vibrant personality and strong interpersonal skills, Moss’s passion for people permeates every aspect of his life.

*Bachelor of Civil Engineering | Post Graduate in Management
*Over 30 years’ experience in the property industry in Australia
*Moss has held proficient roles including operating as a Managing *Director in Project and development Management Companies